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The evolution of

the best-selling classic crystal divination system by Naisha Ahsian!

Naisha Ahsian, the co-author of The Book of Stones: Who They Are and What They Teach, has re-imagined her best selling crystal divination system to bring you evolved guidance and information from the Crystal Allies! Naisha has incorporated decades of experience doing thousands of Crystal Ally Card readings to bring you the most accurate and beautiful crystal divination system available. This beautiful set incorporates 21 new crystals into the original deck, includes new layouts for more accurate readings, and meditations to assist you in connecting with your own guidance and messages from your Crystal Allies. This beautiful boxed set includes: 75 powerful visionary crystal cards for divination, meditation and healing. A 236 page guide book and card carrying case. New layouts developed by Naisha to provide the most accurate and in-depth readings possible! Free access to downloadable guided meditations to lead you through choosing your card layouts. Each card in The Crystal Ally Cards: Evolution Edition incorporates a photograph of the stone into Naisha’s powerful illustrations, to help you to enter into a state of resonance with the energy and consciousness of that Crystal Ally. Whether you are using the cards to explore current situations in your life, for pathworking options, or to receive guidance about your future, The Crystal Ally Cards: Evolution Edition can help you to gain valuable insight. You can even use the cards to choose stones for crystal layouts for self-healing or in your crystal healing sessions with others!

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